We provide the prefold diapers for our Basic and Premium services up to 8 dozen per week!  These services also may include cloth wipes (depending on availability).  Many babies react to today's disposable diapers and even the brand name wipes.  We like to provide you with a your first set of diapers about three weeks before your due date.  When we deliver these first diapers we also provide an orientation on how to use cloth diapers.  Of course, if your baby is already born or comes unexpectedly, we would be happy to provide you with diapers whenever you need them and show you how to put them on your baby!


Our Basic service is out most affordable service. These diapers may have some light staining and signs of wear but are thoroughly sanitized  and cleaned with our same process as our Premium service. This service provides you with 80 prefold diapers per week.  If you need more within a week, simply let us know and we will deliver more for a small fee.

Premium Our premium service includes use of up to 96 prefold cloth diapers which are guaranteed to be free of any stains or signs of significant wear. Our washing process cleans and sanitizes the diapers and leaves no residue. If you need more than 96 in a week, simply let us know and we will deliver more for a small fee.


Wipes are small pieces of cloth used to clean baby instead of using non-reusable wipes. Just include them in your dirty diapers and we will wash and return them.

Please do not place non-reusable wipes in your diaper bag - if we miss them our commercial machines are powerful enough to eject them into our drains and sometimes they cause a clog!

Covers 7 This service provides rental of 7 diaper covers for whatever size your baby needs. Parents generally wash these themselves, but if you'd like you may included them in the dirty back for pick up and washing for no extra cost.

Covers 14 This services provides rental of 14 diaper covers for whatever size your baby needs.  Although most parents choose to wash these covers themselves, you may include them in the dirties for us to wash for no additional fee.

Pocket Rental Pocket diapers are modern one-size-fits-all diapers. Most babies will probably need at least 14 a week if you are washing them yourself. 

Strip My Stash We strip any smell or built up residue from your own personal cloth diapers.

Wash My Stash We wash your own collection of diapers each week.

Fitted diapers This service provides fitted cloth diapers. (Limited supply, please call).

Disposable inserts These diapers are used as alternatives to prefolds. They can be inserted into Little gPants, diaper covers, or pocket diapers. (Call to check on availability).

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