Diapertails Pricing



Wipes  $5 each week
Basic  $19.99 each week
Premium  $24.99 each week
Covers 7  $5 each week
Covers 14  $10 each week
Pocket Rental  Please call for pricing
Strip My Stash  Please call for pricing
Wash My Stash  Please call for pricing
Fitted diapers  Please call for pricing
Disposable inserts  Please call for pricing

Start up cost

Our start fee for service is $160.  This provides you with 8 weeks of service.  We bill monthly at the beginning of each month for the previous month. So after your start up fee you'll receive service up to three months of diaper service until you receive your next bill.  You won't be charged anything while you are waiting for baby to arrive. Whenever you begin to use the diapers, please let us know that you'll need pick up the following delivery day for your area. Once we pick up dirty diapers we begin your 8 weeks of service.  

If we don't have sufficient diapers in your baby's size we may need to order new diapers to add to our inventory. This may delay your service for 10-14 days after your paid order.  We therefore suggest that you order service at least 3 weeks before your due date.  Babies are on their own schedule and can come early and we want to make sure that we have enough diapers for everyone!

Gifting service

We love to see people giving the gift of cloth diaper services.  You may gift service to a new or existing customer. We do not recommend gifting more than three months of service at first.  We believe that cloth diapering works well for everyone and has some great advantages. Sometimes, with the help of our experts, parents decide to purchase diapers and do their own washing instead of using our washing services.  Existing washing service customers may be delighted to receive additional gifts of service even beyond three months of service.  The first two months of service are always non-refundable.

Half time

As your child grows, they will use less diapers in a week.  Once your weekly count of dirty diapers d rops below 36, we call this half time service.  Half time service is $3 less than the full time service. You may request half time service specifically, although you do not have to change your service to receive the credit for any given week. 


You are charged for each week that you have dirty diapers to wash. If you decide to go on vacation you can pause your service. You may pause your service at any time from the Menu, Service, Pause Service s election. You may even set a date in the future when you'd like your service paused and a date that you'd like to have service again.  Please make sure that before you leave that you leave any dirties out for us to pick up so that they can be washed while you are gone.   If you do not have any diapers to wash the following week you won't be charged for that week. Please make sure that your dirty diapers do not sit more than two weeks at most or they may be ruined and we will have to charge you full retail price for them.  If you need special arrangements, please let us know!


Billing is sent monthly, sent via email - so you'll need a billing email on file on this website. If someone else is paying or your bill, simply enter their email for the billing email.  You may optionally enter a text number to alert you (or someone else) when a new bill has been emailed.

Our bills are due upon receipt and we offer a number of options for payment.  If you pay us with Paypal, your payment will be immediately reflected on your account.  Other methods may take a few days to be posted to your account.  We will also accept the Cash App, Venmo, checks or cash. You can see your account history with the My Account menu s election.  This will show a running total of what you have been billed, the services you've used, what you've paid, and what you currently owe. You may allow others to see your account history or pay your bill.

If you owe two month's worth of service or more, we will contact you.  If we cannot reach you, you may be charged a late fee or your service may eventually be paused. If you are having a challenge paying your bill, please contact us.  We may have funds available from our Pay It Forward option.

Ending service

You may also cancel or stop service at any time from the Menu, Service, End Service. Fortunately, to date everyone has returned all the pre-folds when they cancelled or stopped service.  However, we reserve the right to charge full retail price for any diapers not returned within 30 days after service is ended.  We make it easy though to return the diapers - just put them out on your normal delivery day after you have ended your service. 

If you have any questions about our prices or billing please contact us.

Renting Diapers

At this time we do not have enough inventory to provide rental diapers immediately. There is a minimum order when we purchase from our supplier. Therefore each size has a separate start up fee.  

Diaper Rental the rented
Suggested We diapers for Your MSRP
Individual Charge credit Effective With shipping
Count Initially ^^ up to: Cost **  Difference  Upgrade
Premie 36  $              120.00  $      21.60  $      98.40  $          46.00  $             52  $   10.00
New Born 36  $              130.00  $      31.35  $      98.65  $          62.50  $             36  $   10.00
Infant 4x6x4 36  $              150.00  $      35.10  $   114.90  $          70.00  $             45  $   10.00
Infant 4x8x4 36  $              150.00  $      40.88  $   109.13  $          77.50  $             32  $   10.00
Medium 36  $              150.00  $      44.70  $   105.30  $          82.00  $             23  $   10.00
Regular 24  $              150.00  $      34.75  $   115.25  $          66.00  $             49  $   10.00
Premium 24  $              150.00  $      39.80  $   110.20  $          79.00  $             31  $   10.00
Toddler 24  $              150.00  $      32.25  $   117.75  $          90.00  $             28
Delivery  32 cents a mile or you may come and pick up your diapers when they are available  
Orientation  $                15.00 Reserve 7-14 days for diaper availability after payment

Here is an example.  If you wanted to rent Newborns the start up fee is $130.  With that amount, you'll get 8 weeks of service. After 8 weeks the on going cost will be $5 per week.  When you are done with that size you and return the diapers,you will receive up to $31.35 back as credit towards ongoing service. We will look at the diapers you return and if they are all reusable you'll get the maximum amount ($31.35). You'll pay just $10 to receive the recommend amount for the next largest size.  The advantage of this over purchasing diapers is that you don't have to purchase diapers for each size as your child grows.s

Purchasing Diapers

The cost for the suggested number of diapers is given in the chart above under the MSRP number.  The problem is that we cannot make that small of an order.  The minimum order is 10 dozen.  We will keep track of who wants to make an order for each size and then make the order when there are enough customers.  Unfortunately we cannot tell you long your wait might be. However, you can help us find others who want the same size.  If you are interested in purchasing cloth diapers, please contact us and we can work out an arrangement.

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