Welcome to Diaper Tails!

Diapertails is committed to families using cloth diapers. A major part of that vision is our diaper service. With our most popular service we provide you with as many cloth diapers as you need in a week. You put the dirty diapers on your front door or porch each week and we replace them with clean santitized diapers.

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The advantages of using a cloth diaper service over disposables
  • Healthier and more comfortable for baby
  • Less mess for parents 
  • Similar or less cost than disposables
  • Easier potty training
  • Less plastic in your local landfill
  • Diapering experts available to you

And finally and most importantly

We wash them!

Please call or text 541-231-4383 to order service for yourself or anyone else.  You may also contribute to our Pay it Forward service which provides service those those in need. Thank you!