Welcome to Diaper Tails!

Diaper Tails is an organization designed to help families diaper their children.

Our website is current under re-construction.

Our prices are:

$20 a week for up to 96 diapers.

We do offer wipes for an optional additional fee.

We require a four weeks of paid service to start.

We will bring you 96 diapers prior to your due date. Once baby arrives and you have used diapers, we will come pick them up and bring you more clean diapers. Each week following we will return the same amount of clean diapers as we received in dirty ones the previous week.

We use a residual free detergent. We do need to use bleach but our process assures that there is no residual bleach on your clean diapers.

To start up just give us a call at 541-231-4383



Last updated 9/26/17