Our services

Our main product is pre-fold cloth diapers.  We offer a Basic service and a Premium service. Both services provide you with up to 96 diapers a week!  We do offer a Cover Rental service as well.

Other services we offer

  • Pocket Diaper Rental
  • Strip My Stash
  • Wash My Stash
  • Fitted Diapers
  • Disposable inserts (for Little gPants, diaper covers, or Pocket Diapers)

How it works

Three weeks or so before baby is due, we provide you with 96 diapers and an orientation. We show you how to use cloth diapers so that the diaper collects everything it is supposed to.  Using cloth diapers is generally less messy than using disposables.

When baby arrives you'll be ready to go.  Each week thereafter on the delivery day, you'll leave the dirty diapers in a bag on your front porch.  We will take the dirties and replace them with clean sanitized diapers.

As your baby grows you can easily change the size that we deliver.

There are no long term contracts, and you may pause your service at any time that you need to.  For example, you may go on vacation for a couple of weeks to the Caribbean and want to pause your service during that time.

Our Process

After many years providing this service we have refined a washing process that leaves your diapers not only clean and sanitized but also free of any residual detergent or bleach.

Using cloth diapers with our process is better for the planet. All the plastic that has ever been made still exists and will for a long time to come!  Using cloth is also better for your baby's comfort and health!   Our services generally cost less than the average cost of buying disposables. This is especially true over the entire time frame that your child is in diapers. Disposables cost more as the child grows. Our prices drop as your baby uses fewer diapers in a week.

Prices and Billing

Our start up cost is $99.99.  This provides you with 80 diapers to start, 2 wet bags and a full month of service. Then on a monthly basis we will determine your average for the weeks you have dirty diapers. Then for each of the weeks you have dirty diapers you will be charged $19.99 per week or $16.99 for less than 40 dirty diapers. For each 10 dirty diapers above 80 please we will charge another dollar per week, ie. 85 dirties is $20.99, and 97 dirties is $21.99. 

Pay It Forward

Whenever you pay your bill you may add an additional amount to help other parents who might not be able to afford our services.  And if you are having trouble affording our service these funds may help you get started or keep the service longer.

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