Welcome to Diaper Tails!

Diaper Tails has been committed to families using cloth diapers for over ten years. We are experts in washing and sanitizing diapers and how to diaper babies in general.

Our service is a weekly door to door delivery of clean sanitized diapers. We provide the diapers in whatever size your baby needs at the moment.   

We have recently expanded the type of diapers available for the service including an optional amount of compostable diapers.  We have decided to include wipes and covers (if appropriate) into the regular week prices of any chosen service.

We also rent out our prefold diapers for those who are willing to wash their own. We provide instructions on how to wash them.

It is our goal to give every family the option to use cloth! 

Anyone wishing to donate to our mission of helping diaper and cloth children, please see our 'how to pay' page. Click here. Then, send us a note about what you're most excited about work.


Door to door Cloth Diaper Service

Starting at $24.99 / week after startup



Starting at $5 / week after start up