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We have been committed to families using cloth diapers since 1994. We are experts in washing and sanitizing diapers and how to diaper babies in general.

Our service remains our core product. Our service is a weekly door to door delivery of clean sanitized diapers. We provide the diapers in whatever size your baby needs at the moment.   

We are expanding our offerings to include rental and purchase of cloth diapers in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  It is our business to provide diapers free of any diseases.  Although no one can fully guarantee virus free products, we know that using our service is safer than going to perhaps multiple stores to find and purchase disposable diapers.

If you still have concerns, we are expanding what we offering to include cloth diaper rental and cloth diaper purchase.  If you rent or buy cloth diapers from us, we will walk you step by step through the washing process so that can stay at home and wash them yourselves. 


Door to door Cloth Diaper Service

Starting at $19.99 / week after startup



Starting at $5 / week after start up



Price depending on size